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NebulaNow is an application designed to help Local Health Departments easily and efficiently manage outbreaks. Capture and organize critical health data on any device. Accelerate your response time. Seamlessly share data.


Outbreak management, case investigation, contact tracing, symptom tracking, follow-up, actionable workflows — with NebulaNow as your app, nothing is siloed.

Local Health Departments

End-to-end management of community outbreaks, from investigation to actionable workflows.

Flexible and mobile-ready to capture data on any device, anywhere in your community.

Built on Salesforce to deliver scale and compliance, while preventing data silos.

In the Field, at Work, or at Home

NebulaNow empowers public health directors, field investigators, healthcare workers, volunteers, students, and residents of your community.

Outbreak Management

Management includes outbreaks, contact tracing and defined practices for diseases like COVID-19, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Rapidly respond on

any device

Real-time deployment with a mobile, user friendly app, for case investigation and contact tracing to investigators, volunteers, and the public.

Dashboards, reporting,

and visualization

Actionable workflows based on data, reports & dashboards for visualization, and integrations to share data with virtually any system.

Reliable, Secure

and Compliant

Business continuity and disaster recovery, attestation of penetration tests and security assessments performed by third parties.

Manage Health in Your Community.

NebulaNow is an application to manage and control outbreaks for your Local Health Department (LHD), including coordination with field investigators, healthcare workers, educational institutions and your residents.

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